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Sun and Surf at Fort Monroe

I had an AMAZING night with this adorable brother and sister at the beach on Fort Monroe. They had me laughing and jumping in the water and just having an all out blast. These two cuties are 4 and 2...almost the exact ages of my little ones, so they totally got all of my Paw Patrol and Minnie Mouse references...I've never felt so cool :-) This was such a fun shoot, too, because their mom just wanted to have photos capturing them at this point in their lives, with all of their silliness and personality. I was thrilled to hear it because those are my favorite moments to capture. Children change so quickly, so to capture who they are at any given moment is so precious. I constantly harass my children with photos for this very reason :-) A huge thank you to this family for going with the flow and letting me get their kids crazy and full of sand and water! Such a fun shoot and beautiful family!!

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