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Don't Forget, Mom was there Too

If you're like me, you're the family photographer. Scrolling through my friends' Facebook feeds, I see endless kid pictures, snaps of dad and extended families and there seems to be someone missing. Moms find themselves behind the camera so much, you would think they weren't there, slogging it out and making magical memories with their children every day. I'm just as guilty. So this summer, I've been asking anyone and everyone if they'll take my picture. This is tough for me, because I'm probably the most self conscious on the other end of the lens. I rarely have make up on and my hair is seen only for the tiny ponytail sticking out of the back of my baseball hat. But, I want to see that I was there. I want my kids to see that I was there. I want to be able to look back and remember these fun and crazy days. So, today I forced my husband to take this picture of me. I grabbed my two kids who were close to meltdown, threw my sunglasses on top of my ratty hair and let the wind do what it would. I LOVE this picture. These are all real smiles. This is laughing at their dad and the birds zooming overhead. I sell everyone on the importance of family photos and don't listen to my own advice. So, this year, I'm having a real photo session and taking my crazy kids and crazy hair and celebrating this moment in time. This time, I'll be in the frame :-)

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